Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Parenting #2

If I were raising children again, I would do Bible story/games every night.  Yes, EVERY.NIGHT!

When they are small the story/games would be acting out the Bible story, singing Bible songs, playing Bible games, etc.  I would not expect them to sit and listen to a Bible story being read.

When they become readers I would make a game of finding books in the Bible, matching games that involved things like matching books of the Bible with their themes, memorizing Bible verses, asking 'what should we do' type questions as well as ethical type questions, etc.

When they are older readers I would introduce Bible scavenger hunt type activities and deepen the 'what should we do' and ethical type questions.  I would take everyday situations and show them how to use the Bible to find the solution, etc.  I would make it as interesting as I possibly could.

By the time they are high schoolers, we would be doing full fledged Bible studying and discussions. They would continue to memorize scripture and tackle real life situations from a biblical standpoint.  Again, I would make it as interesting as I possibly could.

This is just a small sample of the things I would do during Bible story/games each night.  On those nights when we were away from home or traveling we would do Bible story/game time in the vehicle.

Training our children for the Lord is so much more than just taking them to church 3 times a week and sending them to Bible camp every summer.  The responsibility for teaching children lies squarely on the shoulders of their parents.  Oh, that parents would take this responsibilty seriously!

She Hath Done What She Could


  1. I remember being so tired of Bible drills as a preteen, where we had to look up passages and race to be the first one to find it. BUT the other day at church, while turning to a passage, I had a flashback and was thankful I knew where to find that particular book of the Bible. :-)

    1. Little Penpen, sometimes we have to become adults before we realize the blessings of being taught God's word as a child, don't we?