Sunday, July 31, 2016

What is Chalking?

I learned to chalk at PTP several years ago and have kept it up since.  Mostly I chalk biblical characters and scenes to be used in teaching God’s Word. 

I’m often asked ‘what is chalking?’ so I offer this brief explanation along with a few of the pieces I’ve chalked …
Items you will need:

poster board

image you want to chalk (be aware that some images are copyright)
tape (I use freezer tape)
sharpie marker
pastel chalk  
 or a way to project the image 

Here are the steps ...

Tape the blank poster board onto a wall or door

Set up projector to reflect image onto poster board

Darken room enough so you can see image on poster board  

Sketch image onto poster board using pencil

Remove poster board from wall and place on a flat surface 

Outline image with sharpie

Use eraser and erase any remaining pencil marks

Cut image out

Chalk ... (color with chalk and blend with your fingers) I like to start with faces, hands and feet

Highlight and Shade


I hope you enjoy this little peek into my chalking world!


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  1. Cool! I didn't know what chalking meant! Thank you for the tutorial.