Sunday, February 19, 2017

"A Happy!"

I received a ‘happy’ in the mail yesterday!  What’s a ‘happy?’  It’s when someone gives you something for no reason; it’s given just to make someone happy!  What a special thing to do!  I feel so blessed and loved!

My ‘happy’ was the book, Lightening Your Load, Repacking Your Bags for a Fuller Life by Nancy Eichman  and it came from a friend I get to see for a few days once a year.

This is the same friend who taught me about ‘happy’ gifts.  It can be something as simple as a candy bar, cookies, homemade bread, etc.   I love this idea and concept, don’t you?  Wouldn't this be a great personal ministry for each of us ladies.  Just think how much 'happy' we could spread!!!  

I want to be a ‘happy’ giver so I’m planning what to give and who my first recipient will be.   And, since I want to be a ‘happy’ giver on a regular basis I plan to create a template to use to make the tags I'll attach to each ‘happy’ gift.  This will enable me to be able to print the tags off and have them ready for use when needed.

Thank you Pama for my 'happy' gift and for introducing me to another way of showing Jesus’ love to others!



  1. I know an elder's wife who loves to serve in whatever capacity she is called on to serve. She still has children at home, but she babysits in emergencies, sits up with people at the hospital, sends beautiful hand-made greeting cards, cooks food for gatherings, teaches private Bible studies and so much more. Her willing service gives a "happy face" everywhere she goes.

    1. I like that ... "Her willing service gives a 'happy face' everywhere she goes." Sounds like she is a busy woman!