Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Summer Series for Young Girls: Daughters of Dorcas ... Class #5

In this class the girls basically taught the class themselves, I am so proud of them.  They took turns at the story wall telling the account of Dorcas and then they went over to where we have their memory verse and quoted it almost perfectly.  Acts 9:36 is a long verse for these little girls to memorize and they have nailed it!  I am so proud of them!

The songs came next and they each picked out the song they wanted to lead complete with all the actions and hand movements.  They were so cute!

Next, their sewing projects were brought out and they started working on them after we went over needle safety again (We go over needle safety every week!).  It was brought up that there were only 2 more classes until the summer series was over and one of the little girls said, "I can't finish this in 2 weeks …."  I immediately asked if 'Mr. Can't' had snuck back into our classroom and the little girl looked at me kind of funny and then broke out in a big grin.  "Yes," she said!  I asked her if we needed to sing our 'Mr. Can't' song and shoo him out of the room.  She said, 'yes' and that is exactly what we did!  The girls opened the classroom door as we were singing and shooed him out of the room.  This one little girl was ready to get back to her sewing and not another word was said about 'I can't!'

I gave the girls the 'Shopkins' pillowcases I had stitched up for them and they loved them.  The pillowcases came about from a discussion we had had from the prior week's class … while they were sewing.  Yes, they talk amongst themselves while they're hand sewing just as if they were at an old fashioned quilting bee!!!

I love teaching these young girls, their little hearts are so open and pure and ready for teaching.  What a privilege teaching this special summer series has been and continues to be!

She Hath Done What She Could

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