Sunday, June 3, 2018

Another Way to Study God's Word ...

There are so many ways to study, glean and learn from God's Word, we really do not have 'a leg to stand on' when it comes to using lack of variety as an excuse.

Right now I've got two studies going that are totally different but equally effective, this year long study … The Great Escape which is a Digging Deep in God's Word study by Cindy Colley and more recently this 'Writing the Word' method by Kathy Pollard.  (The 'Writing the Word' study is a Facebook group.)  (The Great Escape Digging Deep in God's Word study has a Facebook group and podcasts that go along with it but are not necessary to do the study.)

In the 'Writing the Word' study we are writing out the book of Psalm, one Psalm per day.  

(Both studies are online and free. I know both of these ladies and know that they are sound in their teaching, I have sat in several classes taught by each of them and look forward to opportunities to sit in future classes that they will teach.)

I would love to hear how you study, glean and learn from getting into God's Word!

She Hath Done What She Could

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