Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dorcas Series Updated: #8

Dorcas … Acts 9:36 -42

This is the last lesson in our series on Dorcas and as usual we took time to go to God in prayer before we got involved in the lesson.

The girls did their memory verses … I am so proud of them, they are doing great memorizing scripture!  

Then came our review of the entire account of Dorcas and all the lessons we’ve had thus far before we delved into the last verse …

Acts 9:42

Our questions …

What became known through-out Joppa?  Dorcas’ resurrection

What happened as a result? Many believed on the Lord

We spent some time talking in depth about the lessons they could learn from Dorcas and about the things they had learned that helped lay the foundation for understanding the things God’s word teaches us.

After our discussion on Dorcas was over, one of the girls brought up the topic of obeying parents so we had a second lesson … a lesson about what God’s word says about obedience to parents/guardians.  The girls picked up their stitching and worked on it while we talked and I shared God’s word with them on this subject.

It was quite an interesting class!   I’ve told the girls that we will talk about whatever they want to talk about using God’s word as our guide; this is just one of the many topics they bring up!


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