Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girl's Class, Lesson #6

The girls are making progress with learning their memory verse and I am so proud of them!

As usual, we started class with our prayer requests, memory verse work and review.  We review every week because I want these girls to have a solid understanding of how each lesson is built upon the last.

The characters in chapter 6 are ...

King Xerxes
The King's Servants 

On the same night that Haman was making his plan to have Mordecai killed, King Xerxes was having trouble sleeping.  King Xerxes decided to send for someone to read to him from the 'book of the chronicles,' which was a journal of happenings in and around the palace.

As the book was being read to the King, he became interested in the record of Bigthan and Teresh, who had plotted to assissinate him.  (Esther 2:21-23).  Mordecai was responsible for having made known the scheme, but there was no record of any reward or honor having been given to him.  King Xerxes decided that something needed to be done for him.

At that same time Haman had entered the outer court with the intention of putting into action his plan to convince the King to have Mordecai killed.  King Xerxes, wanting to act upon his desire to do something for Mordecai, asked which of his officials was in the outer court.

Haman was asked to come in and before Haman could put his plan into action, the King asked,"What shall be done unto the man whom the King delighteth to honour.' Haman thought the King wanted to honor him and so set about informing the King what great honor should be bestowed upon such a person.  The King thought that Haman's idea was appropriate and ordered Haman to do so to Mordecai. When Haman learned that it was Mordecai whom the King wished to honor and not himself, he was humiliated and upset.  He had no choice but to do what the King commanded him to do though!

When the honoring was over, Mordecai was dropped off and Haman ran home to wallow in his humilation over what had happened, covering his head to hide the look of shame on his face.

Haman sought comfort from his wife and friends, but they offered him no comfort at all and even predicted a bad outcome for Haman for his hatred toward Mordecai.  As Haman was talking with his wife and friends, the King's servants arrived to take him to the second banquet he was supposed to attend with the King and Queen.

We talked about the providences of God in this chapter starting with what was meant by the term 'providences of God.'  I explained to the girls that 'providences of God' was simply God working behind the scenes in the lives of those who truly belonged to Him.

Then we talked about the 'providences of  God' in chapter 6 ...

King Xerxes 'just happened' to be unable to sleep, so he ordered the official record of the palace to be read to him ... (vs 1)

King Xerxes 'just happened' to notice the unpaid debt of gratitude owed to Mordecai ... (vs 2 - 3)

King Xerxes was looking for someone to bestow honor upon Mordecai and Haman 'just happened' to be waiting in the outer court.

The guiding hand of God is clearly seen in this chapter!

She Hath Done What She Could

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