Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girls, Lesson #1

In lesson one we took prayer requests and went before God and then laid the foundation for the study by talking about the main characters in the account.

King Ahasuerus also known as King Xerxes
Queen Vashti

We did an indepth character analysis of each and it was agreed upon by all that King Xeres was not a nice person and was very tempermental ...

Queen Vashti was brave and courageous ...

Esther was obedient, humble, brave and courageous as well ...

Mordecai was honorable ...

and Haman was evil, wicked, selfish and thought way to much of himself.

We used our Bibles and took apart chapter one of Esther digging out the nuggets that set the foundation for the account.

We talked about some reasons Queen Vashti chose not to obey the King.  I shared that in one source I had researched the commentator said that Vashti could very well have been pregnant and that was the reason she chose to decline the King's request.  Of course, I also pointed out that the Bible does not tell us this was the reason.

We marked in our Bibles, wrote the what, when and where information and underlined our memory verse which is Esther 4:14.  Yes, I expect these teenage girls to memorize Scripture! One never gets to old to store up Scripture in one's heart!

She Hath Done What She Could

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