Friday, July 14, 2017

Queen Esther Class #5

We have one more class and then we'll close out this special summer series with a banquet/program.   The girls will be telling the story of Esther and sharing what they've learned with their parents and grandparents as the audience.

Our take home this week was scrolls with Esther 3:13 as the message.

We continued our lesson and picked up with Queen Esther going before the King not knowing if she would die or if the King would hold out the golden septer to her.  The girls learned that the King did indeed hold out his golden septer to her and promised to give her up to half of his kingdom before inquiring what her request was.  The Queen requested that the King and Haman come to a banquet she wanted to give for them.  The King said yes and Haman was so full of pride all he could think of was how important he must be if the Queen wanted him to come to the banquet. However, he was still thinking of how he could get rid of Mordecai ... immediately!  He even went so far as to have gallows made to have Mordecai hung!  Meanwhile, Haman goes to the banquet only to learn that the Queen's request was for him and the King to come to a second banquet. 

That's where I left the girls and told them they would have to come back next week to find out what the Queen's request was.  They moaned and groaned ... 


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