Friday, June 30, 2017

Queen Esther Class #3

Last week we did not have our Queen Esther class because we were doing Vacation Bible School. 

This week we started the class with prayer, lead by one of the girls. Then we worked on our memory verse (Esther 4:14) and after that, did a thorough review using our story wall.

Then we talked about Mordecai discovering and reporting to Esther a plot to kill the King.  Esther reported the plot to the King and those responsible were hanged.  It was at this point that wicked Haman was introduced.

We talked about the fact that Haman hated Mordecai because he wouldn't bow down to him. We also talked about the fact that Haman came up with an evil plan to get even with Mordecai .  He wanted to kill all the Jews, which Mordecai was and Haman knew, but, Haman didn't know that Queen Esther was also a Jew!  Haman convinced the King to make his wishes a decree and the time was set for all Jews to be killed!

What were the Jews going to do? 

That's where I left the girls and told them if they wanted to know what happened they would have to come back next week.

Amidst groans of  "No, Mrs. Patsy" we moved onto singing and working in our activity books.

Our take home for the girls were these Queen Esther playing cards.  

All the take-homes are geared towards reinforcing the lesson each week.  

I want the girls to know this Bible account frontwards and backwards!

She Hath Done What She Could

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Queen Esther Class #2

For our second 'princess class' we had to add another chair and workbook because we had another little girl in class ... 6 in all!!

We started out the class by asking for a volunteer to open the class in prayer and almost every little hand in the room went up!  We chose one little girl and assured the others that they would each have a turn in the upcoming weeks as well.

From there we reviewed our memory verse (Esther 4:14) and then went over to the story wall and reviewed our story from last week where we were introduced to the King and his Queen.

We left our story last week with the King needing a new queen and that's where we picked up this week.  We learned how Queen Esther was chosen and about her secret.  The girls really liked this part!

One of the girls asked where I was getting this story from and I showed them in the Bible the book of Esther.  They couldn't believe this story was in the Bible and a couple of them said they were going to go home and read it.  As a Bible teacher, I can tell you it just doesn't get much better than that!

After our time at the story wall, we sang some 'Esther'songs and opened our activity books to finish out the class.

Our take home item for the girls this week were 'Esther' paper dolls.  

As they color each piece I hope it will reinforce what they have learned so far.

Class #2 was another huge success!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Queen Esther Class: The First Class!

The  first class of our special summer series on Queen Esther for girls, ages 5 - 9, was held last night.  What a success it was!  My helper and I welcomed 5 little girls to the 'princess class.'

I added a little fru-fru to the door handle of the door leading into our classroom  ...

Amidst ooh's and ahh's, the girls came in and seated themselves at the table.  

Each girl had their own activity/workbook.

In the middle of the table was tulle topped with princess crowns and a jar of plastic bracelets, rings and necklaces that the girls will earn by saying a prayer in class, leading a song in class, etc.

The little purses were their take homes for the week.  Each purse contained their memory verse for the series ... Esther 4:14.  (Their assignment is to read the verse to someone once a day all week long.)

I had each girl to write their name in their activity/workbook and the date.  Some of them really tried to get fancy.  I also took pictures of each girl and of the whole group of them.  I'll add each girl's picture and a group picture to their individual books as well.  I really want this activity/workbook to be a keepsake for them.

Here's a close-up of the purses!  I had so much fun making them and the girls loved them.  It was worth all the cutting and gluing to see their little faces when they saw them.

Speaking of the memory verse, here's what we're using to learn it.  As the girls become more familiar with it, I'll start taking away crowns so they will have to recall it from their memory.

In addition to working on our memory verse, singing some Esther songs, going over their activity/workbooks, and learning how they could earn bracelets, necklaces and rings we talked about King Xerxes and Queen Vashti.

I laid the foundation for the class by telling the girls what kind of king King Xerxes was and about the 180 day party he threw and then the 7 day party he gave.  I told the girls how King Xerxes wanted Queen Vashti to come to his party to show off her beauty.  I told them that Queen Vashti wouldn't go and how mad it made the King.  I left the story with the King taking counsel from some of the men at the party which ended in the King taking the crown away from Queen Vashti.  I told the girls that after a while the King wanted a new queen and that was what we would talk about next week.

The girls wanted to know who was going to be the  new queen, but I told them they would have to come back next week to find out!!!

One more thing, we talked about the banquet we would have at the end of the class to close the class out!  I'll be sharing more about that later!

Our first 'princess class' was a hugh success!  My goal is to teach what the Bible says about Queen Esther and her role in God's plan ... and to make it as much fun as I can!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Queen Esther Class: The Workbook!

I spent several hours making these workbooks for the girls.  They are filled with 'to-do' type activities, the memory verse they'll be learning, activity pages, coloring pages, badge earning pages, pages for individual pictures as well as a group picture.  I even threw in a couple of blank pages in case we wanted to add something as we went along!  After I pulled it all together, I laminated the front and back covers and then comb-bound the books.  The goal is for them to have a keepsake when the class is over.

The finished product!

My message to the girls. 

A blank page and a pretty divider separating the coloring pages from the activity pages.

(The pretty purple flowered divider page is cardstock I found on sale at a craft store!)

The girls are excited about the class and I am too!