Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Lesson 2 ...


Joshua 2:1-21; 6:17-25
Matthew 1:5
Hebrews 11:31
James 2:25

By Patsy Norwood

© 2003- 2017.  All Rights Reserved!

In Joshua 2:1, Joshua sends two men to secretly spy out the land. These two men went to the house of Rahab the harlot and lodged there. Why would the house of a harlot be a good place for spies to hide?            

Where was Rahab’s house located?  Give city and location in the city. 

Now that you know where Rahab’s house is located let’s learn something about a ‘city wall.’ What is the significance of a city wall, what is its purpose? 

To be continued ...


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