Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lessons Learned from Queen Esther: Teen Girl's Class # 7

We're getting close to the end of the book of Esther and this lesson serves as the climax of the book ... Haman finally gets his dues!

We started the class with prayer, memory verse work and review. Then we jumped right into the lesson as the girls were anxious to know what happened at the second banquet.

Characters from Chapter 7 ...

King Xerxes
Queen Esther
Harbonah of the King's Eunuchs

The King and Haman arrived at the second banquet Queen Esther had requested they attend.  Queen Esther must have felt the time was right to reveal her request for when the King asked what her petition was, she replied, "If I have found favor in your sight, O King and if it pleases the King, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request.  For we have been sold, my people and I, to be destroyed, to be killed, and to be annihilated.  Had we been sold as male and female slaves, I would have held my tongue, although the enemy could never compensate for the King's loss."

The King was unaware of what Haman had done, he had no idea that he himself had approved a decree calling for the annihilation of the Jewish people and he had no idea that Queen Esther was threatened by that decree.  The King was angry as he asked, "Who is he, and where is he, who would dare presume in his heart to do such a thing?"  

When Queen Esther identifed Haman as the guilty one, Haman was terrified!

The King was outraged and left the room.  Haman knew he didn't stand a chance talking to the King in his current mindset, so he turned to Queen Esther and pleaded for his life.  Haman apparently 'fell' upon the 'bed' where Queen Esther was reclining and when the King re-entered the room to find Haman in a compromising position, the King's rage exploded,  "Will he also assault the queen while I am in the house?"  As the King spoke this words, Haman was taken hold of by the king's guards and his face was covered.

Harbonah pointed out that Haman had ordered the construction of gallows meant to hang Mordecai, whom the King had honored earlier that day.  The King then ordered that Haman be hung on the very gallows that he had meant for Mordecai's execution.

The girls breathed a sign of relief that Haman had gotten what he deserved but I told them, 'not so fast, the Jews are not out of danger yet."  I told them they would have to come back next week to see how God worked to deliver His people from annihilation!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girl's Class, Lesson #6

The girls are making progress with learning their memory verse and I am so proud of them!

As usual, we started class with our prayer requests, memory verse work and review.  We review every week because I want these girls to have a solid understanding of how each lesson is built upon the last.

The characters in chapter 6 are ...

King Xerxes
The King's Servants 

On the same night that Haman was making his plan to have Mordecai killed, King Xerxes was having trouble sleeping.  King Xerxes decided to send for someone to read to him from the 'book of the chronicles,' which was a journal of happenings in and around the palace.

As the book was being read to the King, he became interested in the record of Bigthan and Teresh, who had plotted to assissinate him.  (Esther 2:21-23).  Mordecai was responsible for having made known the scheme, but there was no record of any reward or honor having been given to him.  King Xerxes decided that something needed to be done for him.

At that same time Haman had entered the outer court with the intention of putting into action his plan to convince the King to have Mordecai killed.  King Xerxes, wanting to act upon his desire to do something for Mordecai, asked which of his officials was in the outer court.

Haman was asked to come in and before Haman could put his plan into action, the King asked,"What shall be done unto the man whom the King delighteth to honour.' Haman thought the King wanted to honor him and so set about informing the King what great honor should be bestowed upon such a person.  The King thought that Haman's idea was appropriate and ordered Haman to do so to Mordecai. When Haman learned that it was Mordecai whom the King wished to honor and not himself, he was humiliated and upset.  He had no choice but to do what the King commanded him to do though!

When the honoring was over, Mordecai was dropped off and Haman ran home to wallow in his humilation over what had happened, covering his head to hide the look of shame on his face.

Haman sought comfort from his wife and friends, but they offered him no comfort at all and even predicted a bad outcome for Haman for his hatred toward Mordecai.  As Haman was talking with his wife and friends, the King's servants arrived to take him to the second banquet he was supposed to attend with the King and Queen.

We talked about the providences of God in this chapter starting with what was meant by the term 'providences of God.'  I explained to the girls that 'providences of God' was simply God working behind the scenes in the lives of those who truly belonged to Him.

Then we talked about the 'providences of  God' in chapter 6 ...

King Xerxes 'just happened' to be unable to sleep, so he ordered the official record of the palace to be read to him ... (vs 1)

King Xerxes 'just happened' to notice the unpaid debt of gratitude owed to Mordecai ... (vs 2 - 3)

King Xerxes was looking for someone to bestow honor upon Mordecai and Haman 'just happened' to be waiting in the outer court.

The guiding hand of God is clearly seen in this chapter!

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturate Yourself In God's Word!

I've read these words on more than one occasion lately in different places ... saturate yourself in God's Word.

To saturate means to fill completely until no more can be held or to satisfy fully.  

According to this statement we need to so completely fill ourselves with God's Word that no more can be held; that we are to feast upon God's Word until we are full and completely satisfied.  I like that and I feel sure God likes that even more.

What does saturating ourselves in God's Word look like in our busy world?  Here are a few ideas that I can think of right off the top of my head ...

Read God's Word ... sometimes we don't have time to do an indepth Bible study, but we can read God's Word.  There are all kinds of 'read through your Bible' plans out there.

Study God's Word ... doing an indepth Bible study is so rewarding.  I can't recommend it enough.

Write out God's Word ... In each Christian Woman Magazine, published by The Gospel Advocatethere are two calendar months per issue.  Each day of each of those two months has 1-2 Bible verses printed on it. Writing each day's verse or verses would be an excellent way to write out God's Word.  It's called the Faithful Living Calendar and you can find out more about it here.  Here's the link to October's calendar if you want to join me.  

Memorize God's Word ... start out with one verse at a time and write it on an index card or piece of paper.  Put it on your refrigerator door.  Everytime you walk by, read it.  You'll be surprised how soon you are able to quote the verse from memory.

Read Biblically Sound Books ... how are we going to know if they are biblically sound?  When we are students of God's Word we will be able to spot false teaching, it's that simple.  If we aren't student's of God's Word we will be susceptible to every 'religious' idea that comes down the pike.

Listen to God's Word ... a Bible app on your phone makes this really easy to do as do CD's, etc.

Listen to Biblical Sermons or Lessons ... this is such a great thing to do while driving or doing housework or walking, etc.

Listen to Songs of Inspiration  ... again, this is such a great thing to do while driving or doing housework or walking, etc.

Attend a Biblically Sound Church and follow along in your Bible with the sermon and sunday school lessons ... it's sad to say, but not all churches teach the whole council of God's Word.  Here again, you're not going to be able to recognize false teaching, yes, even in our churches, if you're not a student of God's Word.

Can you think of any other ways to saturate yourself in God's Word?

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girl's Class, Lesson #5

As is our normal routine we started the class with our prayer requests, review and working on our memory verse, Esther 4:14.

From there we looked at the characters found in chapter 5 ...

Queen Esther
King Xerxes
Zeresh ... Haman's Wife
Haman's Friends

When Queen Esther's three days of fasting were over, she prepared herself to approach the King.  She put on her 'royal apparel' and entered the 'inner court.'  This was the moment of truth ... would the King hold out his golden scepter to her or would she be put to death according to the law?  We paused here and talked about how scared Queen Esther surely must have been!

When the King saw Esther standing in the court, he immediately held out the golden scepter to her.  He then inquired of her what was troubling her and wanted to know what her request was. Esther requested that he and Haman come that day to a banquet that she had prepared.  The King quickly agreed and he and Hman went to Esther's banquet.  As they drank wine the King again inquired of Esther what her petition was.  He vowed to give her up to half of his kingdom if that was her request.  Esther bravely answered that her request and petition was that he and Haman come again tomorrow to another banquet, then she would reveal her request.

Haman started on his way home in a good mood.  He was really feeling important!  However, his good mood was spoiled when he saw Mordecai sitting at the gate of the king's palace.  Mordecai did not stand or bow down to him. Haman seethed with anger but didn't doing anything at that time.

That evening Haman invited some of his friends to come to his house for a visit with he and his wife, Zeresh.  Haman wanted to boast, his ego and pride were out of control.  Mordecai's disrespect of Haman was still bothering him though and he mentioned that he could never really enjoy his success as long as he saw Mordecai sitting at the gate of the King's palace every day.

In response, Haman's wife and friends suggested that he build a gallows and then use his influence over the King to get an order for Mordecai's immediate death.  Haman thought that was a good idea and had the gallows built even before he made his request to the King.

The focus of this lesson was handling our emotions.  We talked about controling our emotions and how out-of-control emotions can bring trouble to our lives.   We talked about some ways to handle our emotions, both what we should do and what we should not do.

It was a very good class!

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Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girl's Class, Lesson #4

In lesson 4 we opened the class with our time in prayer, working on our memory verse and reviewing.

Then we went on to identify the characters we would be encountering in chapter 4:

Hathach ... one of the King's eunuch appointed to attend to Queen Esther

Mordecai went into a deep state of mourning over the decree. He was so upset that he tore off his clothes and put on sackcloth, sprinkled ashes over himself and went out into the midst of the city. He cried out with a loud and bitter cry.  There was great mourning everywhere all over the provinces by the Jews because of the decree.

Esther's servants saw Mordecai wandering the streets crying out and wailing and told her.  She was deeply distressed and didn't know why he was acting this way.   She sent clothes for Mordecai to put on but he would not accept them.  Then Esther called Hathach and sent him to Mordecai to find out what was going on.

Some of Esther's servants evidently knew that Esther and Mordecai were cousins consquently realizing that she was also a Jew. (vs 4)  If they knew she was a Jew, did that mean one of them or someone they might tell could kill the Queen because of the decree?  We had some great discussion over this!

When Hathach inquired of Mordecai about what was wrong, Mordecai told him all that had happened.  He also gave him a copy of the decre to show to Esther with the command that she go before the King and plead for her people.  Hathach returned to Esther and told her all that Mordecai had said.

Esther sent a message back to Mordecai telling him that everyone knew that any man or woman who went into the inner court to the king, who had not been called would be put to death unless the King held out the golden scepter to them.

Mordecai responded to Esther's message by telling her ... "Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king's palace anymore than all the other Jews, for if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish.  Yet, who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:13-14)

Esther sent the following reply to Mordecai ..."Go, gather all the Jews who are present in Shushan, and fast for me; neither eat nor drink for three days, night and day. My maids and I will fast likewise.  And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!"

In concluding the class we talked about Esther's choice and her bravery and that sometimes we have to make hard choices and that we always need to go to God for guidance, direction and intervention, like Esther did.

She Hath Done What She Could

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girl's Class Lesson #3

We have been in a super busy state for several weeks now and I didn't realize I was so far behind on posting these lessons.  I'll try to get us caught up over the next several days!

As is our normal routine we started the class with our prayer requests, review and working on our memory verse, Esther 4:14.

Next, we took a look at the characters we would be talking about in this lesson which are:

King Xerxes
King's Servants
King's Scribes

Then it was on to the events of chapter 3 ...

In this chapter Haman is promoted and he has really let his promotion go to his head so to speak.  The King didn't help matters by commanding that everone bow down to Haman and everyone did, except Mordecai.  The King's servants talked to Mordecai about his disobedience to the King's command but it didn't do any good.  Finally, they told Haman.

When Haman saw that Mordecai didn't bow down to him, he couldn't stand it. His arrogant pride took over and he started planning to get even with Mordecai.  He knew he dare not do anything to Mordecai by himself because of the Jews ... 'the people of Mordecai.'  So Haman, knowing that Mordecai was a Jew, planned to destroy all of the Jews to get even with Mordecai.

Even before Haman went to the King with his plan he cast lots (cast Pur) to determine the day and month on which he would carry out his evil plan.  (Haman was sure of his prideful self!)  The casting of lots determined that the destruction of the Jews would occur nearly one year later.  In our modern calender the massacre would have been the end of February or the first of March.

Haman went before the King but did not tell the King all the facts.  He manipulated the King into giving him what he wanted ... the lives of the Jews. The law is written and delivered to all the provinces and governing officials.

We did an overview of the chapter and talked indepth about Haman's attitude and about attitudes they encountered in their every day lives.  We especially spent quite a bit of time talking about pride and about what the Bible says about it.

The girls are really seeming to enjoy this class and of course that makes this teacher very happy!

She Hath Done What She Could

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bible Games!

Isn't this just the cutest little activity ...

I found this folder game by Creative Concepts and fell in love with it.  They had several other's to choose from but this one on Bible Basics is the one I settled on.

The question is on the apple and the answer is on the worm. The object of the game is to get the correct answer/worm matched up to the correct question/apple.

I can't wait to use it in an upcoming children's class I'll be teaching on Wednesday nights in a few weeks.  I found another Bible Challenge Game, by the same company, on the book of Acts  and the Old and New Testament that I also purchased to use in this same class.

When I teach children on Wednesday nights, we play Bible games.  The children are tired and I'm usually tired as well so I try to make the class as easy and fun to learn as I can for the students and myself!  The children love to learn this way and I love that I don't have to prepare a new lesson each week  (in addition to the one I prepare for the teen girl class I teach on Sunday mornings).  

Where there's a will, there's a way!


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girls Lesson #2

We started the class out with prayer requests, praying together and then reviewing chapter 1 of Esther.

We moved on to chapter 2 starting with the characters. Some were carried over from chapter 1 but we also introduced some new ones.

We talked about King Xerxes and the thought that he might have had some regrets over having Queen Vashti removed (vs. 1).  We also talked about the fact that if he did, he had worked himself into a spot and couldn't do anything about it.  Why? Because he would have lost all respect of those he reigned over.

The solution suggested to him by his advisors was to find a new queen and that's what he did.  Letters were sent out to all the provinces with orders to gather beautiful young virgins and bring them to the palace for a year of preparation for a night with the King. The girl that the King liked the best would be chosen to be the new queen.  

The beautiful young virgins were teens and when the girls heard this they were incredulous that this could be done ... that the beautiful young virgins had no choice.

Esther was one of those beautiful young virgins.

We spent some time talking about what we gleaned about Esther from this chapter.  We concluded that she was obedient (vs. 10, 20), she was likeable (vs. 9, 15) and she was beautiful (vs. 7).  We paused right here and talked about obedience and about how God wanted them to obey their parents/guardians even if they didn't want to, as long as they were not being asked to do something that was specifically taught against in God's Word. One of the girls wanted to know if you had to obey your parents once you were married.  I told them no, but that God did want them to honor and respect them.  We talked about the different seasons in our lives and who we needed to obey in each.  Then we talked about why obedience is important.  I reminded the girls that there was never a time in a person's life when obedience wasn't important.  As a child, we are to be obedient to our parents; as students in school, we are to be obedient to our teachers and those in charge; as employees, we are to be obedient to our employers; as adults, we are to be obedient to the laws of the land and as Christians, we are to be obedient to God's teachings.  I told them that learning obedience as a child would make adulthood easier.  We had some really good discussion on this topic.

We talked about the secret Mordecai asked Esther to keep about her heritage.

From there we did an overview of chapter 2 and concluded that there were three very important things that happened ...

Esther became Queen
Esther kept the secret of her heritage  
Mordecai got his name written in the book of the King's Chronicles

At different times during the class we marked in our Bibles ... 

We now have chapters 1 and 2 marked up.  The girls seem to really be enjoying this method of teaching and learning.

She Hath Done What She Could

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girls, Lesson #1

In lesson one we took prayer requests and went before God and then laid the foundation for the study by talking about the main characters in the account.

King Ahasuerus also known as King Xerxes
Queen Vashti

We did an indepth character analysis of each and it was agreed upon by all that King Xeres was not a nice person and was very tempermental ...

Queen Vashti was brave and courageous ...

Esther was obedient, humble, brave and courageous as well ...

Mordecai was honorable ...

and Haman was evil, wicked, selfish and thought way to much of himself.

We used our Bibles and took apart chapter one of Esther digging out the nuggets that set the foundation for the account.

We talked about some reasons Queen Vashti chose not to obey the King.  I shared that in one source I had researched the commentator said that Vashti could very well have been pregnant and that was the reason she chose to decline the King's request.  Of course, I also pointed out that the Bible does not tell us this was the reason.

We marked in our Bibles, wrote the what, when and where information and underlined our memory verse which is Esther 4:14.  Yes, I expect these teenage girls to memorize Scripture! One never gets to old to store up Scripture in one's heart!

She Hath Done What She Could

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Lessons Learned from Esther: Teen Girls

I decided to take all the research and studying I did on Esther for the little girl's 'princess class' I just finished and use it to pull together a study for the teen girl's class I'll start teaching this coming Sunday.

I've titled this study ... Lessons Learned from Esther and my head is spinning with all the possibilites!

This week I put this bulletin board up and got everything ready for the first lesson ...

Stay tuned for the first lesson, after I teach it, of course!


Friday, July 28, 2017

A New Teaching Challenge ... Teen Girls!

The first sunday in August I will leave the 10 - 12 year olds Bible class that I teach each week and start a class for teenage girls.  This will not be the first time I've taught a teenage girl's Bible class, I taught this age group for 8 years a few years ago, so I'm no stranger to this challenge.

Over the next several days I will be transforming the class room into a place of study for teen girls. 

I'll start with the door, I want it to be welcoming so I chalked this to go on the door ...  (The age group name will be added to the door as well.)

I've purchased a large print Bible for each girl ... yes large print!  We will do lots of marking and underlining and making notes in these Bibles so I wanted them to have plenty of room.  (These Bibles will stay in the classroom, the girls will not be allowed to take them home.)

I've also purchased markers, coloring pencils and assortment of other Bible marking and writing tools for the girls to use.

Yet to be purchased is a concordance and a Bible dictionary for each girl.

While we will also learn how to use their smart phones to research a topic and how to use Bible programs such as e-sword and logos, I also want them to learn how to research the old fashion way ... without electronics.

Up next, a peek inside the classroom ... after I get it done!!!

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Queen Esther Class #6

We had our last 'princess' class last night ... 

... next week we will prepare for the finale where we invite the girl's family in to see and hear what they've learned.

The take home this week was invitations to the finale.

(I used things I had on hand that I had gotten on clearance at one time or another to make the invitatons.)

We finished the account of Esther by picking up with the King not being able to sleep the night of the first banquet and calling for the book of records so he could read for awhile.  The King noted in his reading that nothing had been done to reward the man who had uncovered the plot to have him killed.   He was pondering on this when Haman came to speak to him about having Mordecai hung.  The King immediately asked Haman what should be done to reward someone the King wanted to reward.  Haman, thinking the King wanted to reward him, told the King the highest honor would be to put the royal robes on the person, sit him on the King's horse and have him led through the city praising him to all.  The King thought this was an excellent idea and told Haman to do all that he had said to Mordecai.  Haman was not happy but did as the King requested.  

As soon as Haman had finished leading Mordecai through the city square, Haman was taken to the second banquet with he and the King in attendance, when the King inquired of Queen Esther what her request was, she told him that her people were going to be killed and  slaughtered.  The King was shocked and wanted to know who would do such a thing.  (I reminded the girls of Esther secret and that the King did not know that she was a Jew.)  When Queen Esther told the King that the person was Haman, the King was so upset he left the room. Meanwhile, Haman, knowing that he was in trouble, begged Queen Esther for mercy.  The King returned to the room during Haman's pleading and thought Haman was assualting the Queen.  The King ordered Haman to be hung on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai.

The King, knowing he could not undo the law he had been tricked into making by Haman, allowed Mordecai and Esther to write a new law that would save the Jews.

That's where we ended the class and the girls were full of questions.  I answered them to the best of my ability!  I think they have really enjoyed this special summer series ... their 'princess class.'

One more thing ... I caught one of the girl's being extra kind to a visiting little girl we had in class by helping her with her workbook activity.  She was so tender with her and helpful in guiding her through the activity ... it just made my heart swell with pride.   I want to reward that kind of behavior so, she will be given the kindness badge too.

To say that I have enjoyed teaching this special summer series is an understatment! The girls were wonderful to work with and I fell even more in love with them.  I pray that something I've said or done during this series will cause them to want to learn more about our Lord.  Just like Esther, God has a plan for their lives and I hope in some small way I've helped them realize that. 


Friday, July 14, 2017

Queen Esther Class #5

We have one more class and then we'll close out this special summer series with a banquet/program.   The girls will be telling the story of Esther and sharing what they've learned with their parents and grandparents as the audience.

Our take home this week was scrolls with Esther 3:13 as the message.

We continued our lesson and picked up with Queen Esther going before the King not knowing if she would die or if the King would hold out the golden septer to her.  The girls learned that the King did indeed hold out his golden septer to her and promised to give her up to half of his kingdom before inquiring what her request was.  The Queen requested that the King and Haman come to a banquet she wanted to give for them.  The King said yes and Haman was so full of pride all he could think of was how important he must be if the Queen wanted him to come to the banquet. However, he was still thinking of how he could get rid of Mordecai ... immediately!  He even went so far as to have gallows made to have Mordecai hung!  Meanwhile, Haman goes to the banquet only to learn that the Queen's request was for him and the King to come to a second banquet. 

That's where I left the girls and told them they would have to come back next week to find out what the Queen's request was.  They moaned and groaned ... 


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Queen Esther Class #4

(Notice the workbook/activity book that has a card laying on top of it?  One of the girls was having a birthday the day after this class so I prettied up a card and presented it to her.  She loved it!)

We're in our fourth week of our 'princess class' and we have pretty much established a routine.  

One of the students will open the class with prayer

We go over our memory verse (Esther 4:14) and give any of the girls that want to an opportunity to recite the verse.

We review past lessons which have the events of the story of Esther in chronological order. The girls really enjoy retelling the account, I just get them started and ask a question every now and then.

I teach the next 'thing that happened' in the account, which this week was ...

Mordecai and Esther's conversation regarding her role in possibly saving her people.  It involved her going before the King, only no one dared go before the King unless he had sent for them.  If someone did present themselves uninvited before the King and he held out the golden scepter to them they would live, if he did not, it meant certain death.  The King had not sent for Queen Esther in a month!  Queen Esther and her maidens fasted and prayed for 3 days, so did Mordecai and the Jews.  Would the King hold out the golden scepter to Queen Esther ... that's where I left them.

We sing songs

The girls choose something to work on in their workbooks

One of the girls was caught being extra kind to a younger child after Bible class so I placed a 'kindness' reward in her workbook/activity.  She doesn't know she has earned it!  I can't wait to see her reaction!

I continue to use 'speech bubble' sticky notes and write notes to the girls in their workbooks/activity books. I found the speech bubble sticky notes at the Dollar Tree about a year ago.

I also continue to take pictures each week and add them to the girl's workbooks/activity books.

The take-home for this week was of course, a golden scepter for each girl!  (Pictured in the center of the table in the picture above.  I made them out of styrofoam and my husband spray painted them gold.)


Friday, June 30, 2017

Queen Esther Class #3

Last week we did not have our Queen Esther class because we were doing Vacation Bible School. 

This week we started the class with prayer, lead by one of the girls. Then we worked on our memory verse (Esther 4:14) and after that, did a thorough review using our story wall.

Then we talked about Mordecai discovering and reporting to Esther a plot to kill the King.  Esther reported the plot to the King and those responsible were hanged.  It was at this point that wicked Haman was introduced.

We talked about the fact that Haman hated Mordecai because he wouldn't bow down to him. We also talked about the fact that Haman came up with an evil plan to get even with Mordecai .  He wanted to kill all the Jews, which Mordecai was and Haman knew, but, Haman didn't know that Queen Esther was also a Jew!  Haman convinced the King to make his wishes a decree and the time was set for all Jews to be killed!

What were the Jews going to do? 

That's where I left the girls and told them if they wanted to know what happened they would have to come back next week.

Amidst groans of  "No, Mrs. Patsy" we moved onto singing and working in our activity books.

Our take home for the girls were these Queen Esther playing cards.  

All the take-homes are geared towards reinforcing the lesson each week.  

I want the girls to know this Bible account frontwards and backwards!

She Hath Done What She Could

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Queen Esther Class #2

For our second 'princess class' we had to add another chair and workbook because we had another little girl in class ... 6 in all!!

We started out the class by asking for a volunteer to open the class in prayer and almost every little hand in the room went up!  We chose one little girl and assured the others that they would each have a turn in the upcoming weeks as well.

From there we reviewed our memory verse (Esther 4:14) and then went over to the story wall and reviewed our story from last week where we were introduced to the King and his Queen.

We left our story last week with the King needing a new queen and that's where we picked up this week.  We learned how Queen Esther was chosen and about her secret.  The girls really liked this part!

One of the girls asked where I was getting this story from and I showed them in the Bible the book of Esther.  They couldn't believe this story was in the Bible and a couple of them said they were going to go home and read it.  As a Bible teacher, I can tell you it just doesn't get much better than that!

After our time at the story wall, we sang some 'Esther'songs and opened our activity books to finish out the class.

Our take home item for the girls this week were 'Esther' paper dolls.  

As they color each piece I hope it will reinforce what they have learned so far.

Class #2 was another huge success!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Queen Esther Class: The First Class!

The  first class of our special summer series on Queen Esther for girls, ages 5 - 9, was held last night.  What a success it was!  My helper and I welcomed 5 little girls to the 'princess class.'

I added a little fru-fru to the door handle of the door leading into our classroom  ...

Amidst ooh's and ahh's, the girls came in and seated themselves at the table.  

Each girl had their own activity/workbook.

In the middle of the table was tulle topped with princess crowns and a jar of plastic bracelets, rings and necklaces that the girls will earn by saying a prayer in class, leading a song in class, etc.

The little purses were their take homes for the week.  Each purse contained their memory verse for the series ... Esther 4:14.  (Their assignment is to read the verse to someone once a day all week long.)

I had each girl to write their name in their activity/workbook and the date.  Some of them really tried to get fancy.  I also took pictures of each girl and of the whole group of them.  I'll add each girl's picture and a group picture to their individual books as well.  I really want this activity/workbook to be a keepsake for them.

Here's a close-up of the purses!  I had so much fun making them and the girls loved them.  It was worth all the cutting and gluing to see their little faces when they saw them.

Speaking of the memory verse, here's what we're using to learn it.  As the girls become more familiar with it, I'll start taking away crowns so they will have to recall it from their memory.

In addition to working on our memory verse, singing some Esther songs, going over their activity/workbooks, and learning how they could earn bracelets, necklaces and rings we talked about King Xerxes and Queen Vashti.

I laid the foundation for the class by telling the girls what kind of king King Xerxes was and about the 180 day party he threw and then the 7 day party he gave.  I told the girls how King Xerxes wanted Queen Vashti to come to his party to show off her beauty.  I told them that Queen Vashti wouldn't go and how mad it made the King.  I left the story with the King taking counsel from some of the men at the party which ended in the King taking the crown away from Queen Vashti.  I told the girls that after a while the King wanted a new queen and that was what we would talk about next week.

The girls wanted to know who was going to be the  new queen, but I told them they would have to come back next week to find out!!!

One more thing, we talked about the banquet we would have at the end of the class to close the class out!  I'll be sharing more about that later!

Our first 'princess class' was a hugh success!  My goal is to teach what the Bible says about Queen Esther and her role in God's plan ... and to make it as much fun as I can!


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Queen Esther Class: The Workbook!

I spent several hours making these workbooks for the girls.  They are filled with 'to-do' type activities, the memory verse they'll be learning, activity pages, coloring pages, badge earning pages, pages for individual pictures as well as a group picture.  I even threw in a couple of blank pages in case we wanted to add something as we went along!  After I pulled it all together, I laminated the front and back covers and then comb-bound the books.  The goal is for them to have a keepsake when the class is over.

The finished product!

My message to the girls. 

A blank page and a pretty divider separating the coloring pages from the activity pages.

(The pretty purple flowered divider page is cardstock I found on sale at a craft store!)

The girls are excited about the class and I am too!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Queen Esther Class: The Invitations

In this post I told you that I was working on a special summer series class for little girls ages 5 - 9 on Queen Esther.  I am having so much fun pulling this class together ... and I haven't even started teaching it yet.

The invitations have been made using things I had on hand except for the princess celophane bags, I purchased them at the Dollar Tree for $1.

I hand delivered them to 5 little girls.  

They were thrilled!  I hope they all get to attend!

I've secured a helper for the class ... with that many little girls, I need a helper!

to be continued ...